Morning Coaches:

  • MP Training – Maximum Potential is reviewing the complete schedule. Once they are done, we will circulate to all the coaches.  Here is the weekly schedule again though.


  • TRAVEL BALL ONLY!!! MANDATORY Coach meeting Tuesday August 22nd at 7:00pm, Village Hall Large Room – we need a least one coach from each team to attend. Preferably all come.
  • Parent/Coach/Board meet on Wednesday Sep 6 in the GS Cafeteria – primary goal will be to make sure all families understand the plan for the upcoming season, especially for age groups where we created more than 1 team. Understanding and helping to facilitate player sharing will play a huge role in the success of the upcoming season.  This schedule should go out to all parents today.
  • Make sure your players all have the correct uniform – and confirm no duplicate jersey numbers!! Folks need to get to Sport Shack to order uniforms ASAP.
  • Apparel Orders were due from parents to you yesterday. I need these forms by TOMORROW!