Hello Parents,

Tomorrow night 8/31/17 at 7pm at Village Hall is Intramural meeting to create teams for the U 6 and U 7/8 groups

Given the registration numbers as of today it looks like we will have 4 teams for U 7/8 boys and 4 teams for U 7/8 girls (we believe these numbers may go up )

for U 6 it looks like 6 teams.

We need parents to volunteer to make this successful for our kids.

Please consider volunteering to coach (AKA parent coordinator)  Each team has 1 practice per week run by Maximum Potential and 1 game per week again run by Maximum Potential

The main function is to serve as coordinator/communicator for practices and games.  Making sure all parents know about practices and games.

You don’t have to be a soccer expert to do this.  You learn from working along with the trainers during sessions.

If you can’t make the weekly practices, set up a schedule with parents so that each parent takes a turn covering the practice (overseeing, not running it)

This is a great time to get involved and participate in the club. Kids love to see their parents involved too.


Also wanted to let you know the practices will be starting next week and after the teams are formed tomorrow night we can send out the schedule

Sorry for the short notice but we were waiting for the majority of kids to register to create the teams.

We understand school is starting on Thursday, but with good weather ahead it’s a great way for kids to run around and have fun.

Look forward to meeting and working with many of you soon,

Babylon Soccer Board