Mandatory Coaches Meetings The meetings will be held at the Huntington Hilton, Route 110 in Melville (exit 49 South off the LIE, 1/2 mile down on your right). Wednesday, August 30th.

B&G U9-U10 Meeting is at 6:30 PM
B&G U11-U12 Meeting is at 7:45 PM

Please make sure you know what division you are in, forgot? Click here

Please make it a point to have a representative attend a meeting as digital passes and other important items will be discussed

  1. Please be aware that the meetings ARE MANDATORY. $50 fine for not attending. You, your assistant or a representative FROM YOUR TEAM must attend.
  2. No one may pick up more than one coaches package, so please do not ask someone in your club to pick yours up.
  3. If you are the HEAD COACH of 2 or more U9-U12 teams (not the assistant of multiple teams or head coach of one and assistant of another) you may pick up multiple packages. In order to do this come a little early to see the staff and give them your name, club name, team name and division. At the end of the meeting you are attending they will have your other packages ready for you to pick up. ONLY HEAD COACHES may pick up more than 1 package.
  4. Allow yourself time for parking, no one will be admitted to a meeting 10 minutes after it has begun.
  5. If you do not attend, you may pick up your package at the LIJSL office on Thurs., August 31, you must have a check (no cash please) for $50 payable to LIJSL to pay the fine.

    NEW THIS SEASON: SCHEDULES: When you go into the scoring system on the bottom right corner you will see a button titled Coaches Schedule, click on the button and you will have a PDF of your schedule, on the bottom of the schedule page will be the coach’s contact information for your away games.

U17’s: LIJSL Club President’s voted to reduce the playing time for U17 games to 2×40 minutes the referee fee is now $71.50 per team.


The coach requesting the change must send the age group coordinator an email which includes an email from the opposing team coach AND your club president (even if you are the away team requesting the change) agreeing to the requested change 16 days in advance of the game date in order for the change to be approved.

The game change must be finalized and the game number, new date, time and field given to the division supervisor/coordinator a minimum of 16 days in advance of the original date.

There is no field “call” you must have a field (i.e. 1, HL1, SP1) not the Stony Brook fields or Massapequa fields.

We will be sending you an email concerning digital passes shortly.

Click here for games guidelines for coaches, everything you need to know including referee fees.

Have a great season!