Welcome to the Fall 2017 Soccer Season!

Here’s how you can get ready for opening weekend on September 9th and 10th.

  • Install the SI Play App and/or Team Wall App: Both mobile apps sync your soccer schedule and notifications from coaches right to your mobile device. This is essential to get the latest information quickly and to RSVP to practices and games. Coaches rely on your responses and it only takes a few minutes to install. Sign in to either app with your SI Play credentials (the same account you used to register for soccer) and you’re all set!
  • Fill in the Medical Release Form: Make sure you fill out your medical release form prior to the first day of play. This information will be sent to your child’s coach so they can be prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • Obtain Uniforms & Equipment: Check out the uniforms and equipment requirements for each level of soccer and make sure your child has the correct size ball, shin guards and cleats to start the season. Remember that the soccer field can sometimes be 10 degrees colder than other areas in Babylon due to the cross winds and large open space. We always recommend children (and parents/spectators) dress in layers – long pants and gloves are not unheard-of on the field even in early fall.
  • Find the Soccer Fields: Unsure of where your child should go for their first practice or game? By this time, your coach should have emailed you a location. U5/U6 can expect to have their first practice and games at Babylon Memorial Grade School. U7/U8 have practice at OLOG field in West Babylon. Games are at BMGS. U9+ are at various locations. Check out our Soccer Fields page for maps and directions to the BSC Home fields.
  • Get to know your Team and Schedule: Parents should have received schedules either from the league, division coordinator or team coach. You can also check out our Schedule page for general schedule information. Also, make sure you let your coach know if you are going or not going to be at a game/practice. You can RSVP to all games/practices via the SI Play mobile app.
  • Get Spectator Prepared: Don’t forget to prepare for the sidelines with these items…
    • a chair – practice and/or games are often 45 mins to 90 mins long, a comfortable chair may be appropriate if you don’t want to stand for that length of time.
    • a beach blanket – great for sitting on or an area for a younger team to gather on the side-lines
    • a sports blanket – one that is good for the kids to use to cover up but still can get dirty. It’s often cold and windy on the field. Don’t forget that sidelines get tough to sit on when waiting to play or watching play.
    • snacks and extra water – kids really shouldn’t be eating while they play but may need a snack after the game or practice is done. Bring a small healthy snack and extra water or sports drink to help them replenish after the activity. Don’t forget water and snack for yourself too!
    • cash – Warning! If you’ll be at the BMGS field, the ice cream man shows up every Sunday. It’s sometimes unavoidable so bring cash or be prepared with a solid “no” as you walk past his truck in the parking lot.
    • a large umbrella or two – you don’t wan to get stuck in a downpour on those fields without one. Travel teams often will play through rain so get one for yourself and your player. If you have one, a rain jacket is a great idea for the kids to have on the sidelines and don’t forget yourself too. I’ve seen parents bring a pop up tent in times of heavy rain – it’s a great way to get a bunch of you out of the rain at once! I’ve also wanted to try the SportPod so you may see me in one this season!

Those are some of the basics to get ready for the season. We hope you all enjoy opening day!