Afternoon BSC U9, U10, U11 and U12 Travel Soccer Families. We look forward to seeing you at tonight’s meetings. Reminder, time slots are as follows:

LIJSL U9-U10 @ 7pm – 7:30pm Grade School Cafeteria

LIJSL U11-U12 @ 7:45pm – 8:15pm Grade School Cafeteria


Full Season Player Evaluations Start THIS WEEK!
This means you can expect movement from one team to another when teams are formed next summer
That also means NO CUTS – we will find a team for your child to play on
Through the season the MP trainers will recommend what players should get opportunities to play for other teams

Player Sharing is the key to success
No team should ever be short players
We are asking parents to help make their kids available as needed for extra games
Teams are placed in certain divisions based on the teams overall skill level – so attendance is critical
The Board and Coaches ultimately determine the “Club players”

Includes arriving early to practices and games
Working hard at every session
Demonstrate a good attitude and behavior
Being kind and supportive of their teammates

MP Training
Generally every team should be getting 8 training sessions and 2 game day visits (U9 gets more training)
Some teams have opted to pay more for extra training and game day visits
A Parent Coach, or designated parent, needs to be at each training session to ensure all the kids get picked up

Learning to play the Game the “Right Way”
It’s NOT all about winning – when you learn the right way the wins will follow
Possession Soccer – we aren’t just booting the ball!!

Parents on the Sidelines
Please leave the coaching to the Parent Coaches and Trainers
All the kids want to hear is support and cheers
They can’t process all the “advice” at the same time!
Let them play and learn from their mistakes

Teamwall/SI Play App
We all need to be communicating to parents in the same fashion – team emails should be generated from here.
Full season schedules should be up already. Weekly training too.
Update status for each event!
Coaches will notify parents of any cancellations through the App, after they hear from the Board – only the Board can cancel games and training!!

White Jersey is the home attire
Orange Jersey is the away attire
This could be subject to change depending on the opposition, so read your emails
Wear Orange socks for ALL GAMES
Practice Jerseys should be work to training, wear black socks

BSC Apparel
Will offer this again soon – it will go through the coaches

We ask that coaches adhere to the Permits
Will try to get these posted online so you can refer to it when questioned
School sports always take priority

Volunteers Needed
Argyle Fair – Sunday September 10th – please sign up
Field Coordinator – need to line the fields weekly (might get HS kids to do it)

See you all tonight.