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Does this apply to any of your teams??? If so you must contact me today
Review your schedules carefully today


The deadline for scheduling TBS matches is Sunday,
September 17. If your team has a TBS match on the schedule and you have
not already worked with your division supervisor to schedule that match,
your team is in jeopardy of receiving a forfeit for that match:

*If this match is not scheduled by the end of the day on Sunday, September 17, then:*

*If the home team did not provide any dates/times/field #s, the home team will receive a forfeit.*

*If the home team did provide at least 2 dates/times/field #s and the*

*away team did not choose one, then your division supervisor will choose one for you.*

*If no reasonable attempt is made by either team then it will be recorded as a double forfeit*

*If any of these cases occur and it is to the dislike of either team, they will be allowed to bring this issue to arbitration.*

keep in mind that a forfeit brings along a fine to your club and
disqualifies your team from claiming the division championship.

Please work with your supervisor NOW to get this match scheduled.
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