Soccer Parents of U7 and U8 Boys,
This email is confirming the split U7 and U8 schedule for this weekend and some feedback after the first two rounds of games.
This coming Saturday, 4/28, all available U8 (2010) boys will play against West Islip. They should meet at Manetuck Fields in West Islip at 11:15am, wearing their orange jersey. Directions to this field and more information are at the end of this message.
On Sunday, 4/29, all U7 (2009) players should meet at the regular grade school fields at 11:00am. U7 players from the Bandits & Bulldogs should wear white jerseys and U7 players from the Thunder & Explosion should wear orange. These U7 game(s) will be coordinated by Coach Chris LaRochelle and the trainers at the field.
Also, if any U8 player would like to play a pick-up game on Sunday they can show up to the Grade School field at 11:00am and play with the other U8 players who are there.

Finally we would like to remind all parents that during the games on Sunday’s, all parents should be on the opposite side of the field from the players and the coaches.
Both sets of coaches and players should be on the same side of the field and the parents on the other side. This format is consistent for all levels of soccer and allows the coaches to communicate with the players throughout the game. When the players are not in the game they should stay on the same sideline as their coach.
Also when your game is finished, please leave the direct playing area so that the next game can start promptly.
Thank you
Babylon Soccer Club

Directions to Manetuck Fields (800 Van Buren Ave, West Islip <maps.google.com/?q=800+Van+Buren+Ave,+West+Islip&entry=gmail&source=g> ):
If coming from the west, Sunrise Highway to 231/Udall Road <maps.google.com/?q=231/Udall+Road&entry=gmail&source=g> Exit 40. Turn left at light to go north on Udall Rd. If coming from the east, Sunrise Highway to Udall Road Exit 41. Turn right to go north on Udall Rd. Go 6/10 mile and turn left onto Van Buren Ave. Manetuck Elementary School is at end of road.
Game will be played on field 8 B.

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