Soccer Parents of U7 and U8 girls,
Thank you to those U8 parents who informed us of their daughters availability for the scrimmage games against West Islip we had hoped to play this Saturday.
Unfortunately due to a number of conflicts it will not be possible to play these U8 games against West Islip.
Therefore this coming Sunday, 4/29, we will play a regular U7/8 game schedule with both games being played at 10:00am.

U7/8 Girls Game Schedule for Sunday 4/29:
Skittles (white) vs. Gummy Bears (orange)
M&M’s (white) vs. Swedish Fish (orange)
*Both games to start at 10:00am.*

Finally we would like to remind all parents that during the games on Sunday’s, all parents should be on the opposite side of the field from the players and the coaches.
Both sets of coaches and players should be on the same side of the field and the parents on the other side. This format is consistent for all levels of soccer and allows the coaches to communicate with the players both when they are playing and watching from the sidelines waiting to enter the game. When the players are not in the game they should stay on the same sideline as their coach.
Also when your game is finished, please leave the direct playing area so that the next game can start promptly.
Thank you
Babylon Soccer Club