Good Evening BSC Families – this message is being sent to the Parents of all kids who are expected to attend the upcoming Player Evaluations which start Tomorrow.  In an attempt to explain the process:

  • As per the attached schedule, these will start Monday May 7th at 5:15. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in and get your numbered pinny.
  • We are asking BSC families to decide now if they are playing next season:
    • If your child attends this weeks Eval, that means they plan on playing soccer with BSC next Fall
  • All sessions are scheduled on the Grade School fields.
  • These sessions are all labeled and organized by birth year – each player attends their specific Birth Year! Doesn’t matter which team they are on now.
  • Players will be placed on teams largely based on their full season evaluation from their Current team’s MP Trainer. So these specific Birth Year sessions are used for the following:
    • They indicate your child’s level of commitment – show up, and we will make every effort to find those players a team to play on
    • It’s essentially training in another format – one each player will be better prepared for in the future
    • It allows the opportunity for new kids to come down – we try them out, they try BSC out.
  • Upon completion of all Evaluations:
    • The Board will meet with the MP Trainers and create teams.
    • Based on previous years feedback we have decided to make a change from the prior process – we will then announce teams (projected by the end of May) BEFORE asking everyone to register.
    • Then we will ask everyone to register in early June – Tentative Travel Registration Deadline is Monday 6/11!!

Evaluation Schedule is Posted Here

BSC takes a very unique approach to this entire process – our goal is to find a place for every kid to play, with a group of kids from our local community with similar skill level.  This way they can be trained accordingly to reach their fullest potential, learn the game the right way, and have a great time doing it!  We are asking everyone to trust the system – once placed on a team please register your child, because if you decide not to register, that entire team could be affected!

Thanks for reading – and if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

See you on the fields.

BSC Board