How To Upload a New Photo of Your Child on the SI Play App

Photos from SI Play are used to create your child’s identification badge each year for LIJSL. Photos must be kept current as they are used at every game to validate that your child is authorized to play. Here are instructions on how to update or upload a photo to the SI Play App using your phone:

Step 1

Open the SI Play App and select “My Teams” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Select the “Roster” tab at the top.

Step 3

Scroll to find your child’s name or current picture and Tap on their photo to open it up.

Step 4

Tap again to flip the picture and show the “information” screen and select the photo icon under your child’s current picture.

Step 5

Select where you’re uploading the photo from (i.e. your camera or a photo already saved on you phone)

Step 6

Select the picture you’re uploading, make sure it’s a clear shot of your child with no shadows, no hats, sunglasses or anything covering their face or hair (other than glasses if they wear them to see). Select “Done” to upload the picture. 

Step 7

Send an email or message to your coach to let them know the picture is updated.