The LIJSL sportsmanship winners for the 2018 spring season have been announced. During each game, referees submit sportsmanship ratings and points are alotted by the sporstmanship commitee.

Winners of the sportsmanship award recieve a team plaque as well as patches for players to wear during the next season. More info on LIJSL’s dedication to promoting good sportsmanship can be seen here.

Congrats to all the winners from the 2018 spring season!

Here are our winners from Babylon Soccer Club:

  • Boys – U10 – Babylon Celtic FC
  • Girls – U11 – Babylon Magic Stars
  • Boys – U13 – Babylon Raptors
  • Girls – U15 – Babylon Heat

The list of all the league winners can be found here.

Images and content taken from the article on LIJSL website