Hello Coaches:

We will have our pre season coaches meeting/Intramural Team Draft Monday Aug 27th 730pm at Babylon Village Hall
Please have at least one coach from each team attend

Intramural Coaches:
We will be picking teams this night

Travel Coaches:
All Coaches of U 9, U 10, U 11 and U 12 Must attend LIJSL Mandatory Coaches Meeting
on Wednesday Aug 29th- at the Melville Marriot 1350 Walt Whitman Road, Melville <maps.google.com/?q=1350+Walt+Whitman+Road,+Melville&entry=gmail&source=g>
You will receive your schedules this night. If you fail to attend you will need to pay a fee to pick up your schedule at the LIJSL office in Ronkonkoma

All age groups U 13 and above will get their schedules online

Once you get your schedules- please notify us of the # of games you have so we can prepare your ref checks
You will get one check from the club, you must cash it and pay the ref each week on the field prior to the start of the game

Any questions please let us know,
Babylon Soccer Board

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