In the trailer there is an area dedicated to safety and emergency items. Get familiar with it. Know how to use the lock on the trailer. Know what to do in an emergency. The area includes:

  • AED device
  • Ice Packs
  • Medical Kit

Try to keep the area clean.
We will be scheduling CPR Training – please let us know if you want to do it and we’ll schedule it early in the fall.

Goals & Equipment
The door to the trailer/container can be opened by obtaining the key. The key is locked behind a passcode. The passcode was provided to all coaches via email. If you are missing it, email the board.
The goals are locked by key and passcode. If you need the key, it’s the same as the one used for the trailer. If passcode, it’s the same as the one used for the trailer. Last game of the day must lock up goals.

  • U9 + U10 silver goals – these are regulation size, you may get questioned. Sizes match what is on LIJSL website.
  • U11 + U12 white goals
  • 13+ full sized goals

Our permit is a 5:30 pm start at the Grade School.
Some practices start at 5:15 pm and there main be conflicts.
School teams have priority on the field. You have to stay out of the way until they’re done.

NOTE: U9 pre-season games are available in Plainedge if you’re interested. Get in touch with Stuart Love for info.
Each team should get 8 weeks of training each (8 trainer led training sessions)
Training schedule is final. Problems, contact Darren.
Maximum Potential – Matt left maximum potential. Kyle is still in. They’re working to hire a new trainer.
Training starts Tuesday after Labor Day — Tuesday, September 4th
Fall Sessions, we run out of daylight very quickly. October 1st sunset is at 6:30 so we may have to combine sessions.

Coaching Tips
Know your roster for practice and games. All RSVPs are required. Please host a Parent Meeting at practice or game day to fill them in on what to expect. Every kid should get their turn to play. Hopefully at least 1/2 a game. Reward players who put in good effort and attend games and practices. Some players have a training only package – with only some game days.

Make sure everyone has ordered and tried on the uniforms. Rumor that there is a month delay. Please make sure parents go down to Sports Shack to order and get a timeframe.