To all Parents of U6 players (2013 Birth year),
Hopefully you have all heard from your child’s coach letting you know which team they have been placed on.
Practices begin this week and the first game is this Sunday, 9/9.
Here are the practice days for each team:
Tuesdays: Team Orange and Team Black (Start 9/4)
Wednesdays: Team Gold and Team Red (Start 9/5)
Fridays: Team Green and Team Blue (Start 9/7)
All practice sessions will run from 6:00 – 7:00pm at the Grade School Field. As we move through the season we will need to move up the start time.
All practice sessions will be run by coach Christine from the Maximum Potential Training company.
Each team will receive 8 training sessions this season. On days when schools are closed there will be no practice and these sessions will be made up later in the season.

Here is the game schedule and list of which coach is assigned to each team:
U6 Game Schedule Fall 2018.pdf <links.mx.siplay.com/wf/click?upn=x4WY6G7gdvuEuVEodIaGzJ9OdeW5oPzOfVhvyhc0fKuFbWdD2fNMk6weFZWEXRrJ75JmxVV3wSskB2vJvyYeeqjMHJHV-2F2rFBUgsRFZ-2FLaUjzoNqAZfcu3GXoxWaSxsmF3e5F-2BtQiDTJOEuoaGhaCA-3D-3D_-…>
The games will be played on Sunday mornings at either 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00am at the Grade School Field. On game day the trainers will run the warm-up and then the coaches and trainers will work together to run the games. The games will be 4v4 with no goalkeepers and at the discretion of the trainers we may divide each team into two groups so that each child receives as much game time as possible.
If your child played soccer last year then they should already have the black and orange t-shirts that will be worn for the games. If they do not have the t-shirts then they will be given one at the field. Due to a delay in receiving the uniforms this may not happen at the first game and your child should wear any black or orange shirt (see game schedule to see which color your team is wearing).
As me move through the season your primary point of contact should be your child’s coach.
You can also contact the following if you need further assistance:
U6 Division Coordinator: John Farrell – jfarrell39@msn.com
Intramural Coordinator: Chris LaRochelle – laro_17@yahoo.com
U6 Uniform Coordinator:Joanie Keegan – jkeegan@herricks.org
Babylon SC Board – Bscboard@babylonsoccer.com

Looking forward to a great season!
Babylon Soccer Club

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