Morning Coaches

– SI Play App – We all need to be communicating to parents in the same fashion – team emails should be generated from here. – Please add your game schedule to SI Play. – Do the same for training, but you might want to do that weekly. – Stress the importance of updating status for each event!

– MP Training – this includes the full season training and game day for teams with a Trainer at all games. – Check to make sure the session count is right – Notify me immediately if certain days look bad due to expected low numbers – Watch at the end of the schedule for some day changes – Of course weather will affect this as we move forward. – We might have to cancel due to heat this week!! – Only the Board can cancel sessions. – We will send the coaches an email by 2:30 pm on days we need to cancel – Then coaches update the SI Play app to notify players – A coach needs to be at these sessions, or designated parent. – This schedule does not include parent coach run sessions, but everyone is included as a reminder to clear a path for MP sessions. – *BOYS U8 – DO YOU WANT TO DO A SESSION ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK??*

FULL SCHEDULE: FALL_2018_training_FULL.pdf <…>

WEEK 1 SCHEDULE: FALL_2018_training_WEEK1.pdf <…>

– Permits – all available space is shown on the above sheet, so please stick to the permit times.

– Ref Checks – *Please respond ASAP with your game count* – I will try to drop checks at training this week, or leave it in my mailbox

– Make sure your players all have the correct uniform – and confirm no duplicate jersey numbers (always have tape in your coach bag).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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