Good Evening All – this message is being sent Club-wide:

Two important items to bring to your attention:

– Coach Training Opportunity *Sunday October 14th from 8-12 noon Grade School* – All U9 and U10 Parent Coaches are required to take a 7v7 Course – We need 12 coaches to sign up – In order to get to this number we are offering to EVERY club member – if you want to learn what your kids are learning, and have an opportunity to inquire about the methods used, this is your chance! – The $85 fee will be covered by the club – Go to the below link and set up an account (if you don’t have one already) and take the 20 minute module (Introduction to Grassroots Coaching): – dcc.ussoccer.com/courses/available/16/details/1546 <links.mx.siplay.com/wf/click?upn=x4WY6G7gdvuEuVEodIaGzNRI19Pmcq-2BDUPZM3CuzKVJnCUwQ9NKX3HmW9Ln523qaq-2BX312CqW8BC2Spcz7MNZNQUy9DybA3i3OT50hBIRQI-3D_-2FmMd5KLcJYyyIX-2FuE5a4Rid-2F3MJeKOomoP2UKWDOgEc…> – Then get here and register for the Babylon SC 7v7 course: – dcc.ussoccer.com/courses/available/21/details/3231 <links.mx.siplay.com/wf/click?upn=x4WY6G7gdvuEuVEodIaGzNRI19Pmcq-2BDUPZM3CuzKVJnCUwQ9NKX3HmW9Ln523qaBjuGvWZdvaFlM2gNAVkDRLrtrJL3MMxX1lE23gNqxO0-3D_-2FmMd5KLcJYyyIX-2FuE5a4Rid-2F3MJeKOomoP2UKWDOgEcBl…> – This link will be opened to the public by Monday, so we would like to keep this to club members – WE NEED PEOPLE TO SIGN UP PLEASE!

– BSC Apparel – we will be down on the *Grade School Fields from 9:30-11:30 TOMORROW, Sunday 9/30* – *ITEMS FOR SALE TOMORROW:* – YOUTH Short Sleeve T-Shirts – $10 – YOUTH Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $15 – ADULT Short Sleeve T-Shirts – $15 – ADULT Long Sleeve T-Shirts – $20 – YOUTH Sweatshirts – $30 – ADULT Sweatshirts – $35 – Club Magnets – $10 – *ITEMS TO BE ORDERED THROUGH YOUR CHILD’S COACH:* – Aggression Jacket – Fortitude Jacket – Traction Pant – The above 3 items will be on hand to try on for sizing, but all orders will go through the Team Coach! – Order Form: Soccer Apparel_2018.pdf <links.mx.siplay.com/wf/click?upn=x4WY6G7gdvuEuVEodIaGzJ9OdeW5oPzOfVhvyhc0fKuFbWdD2fNMk6weFZWEXRrJOnYsU39dlLvhe9KiEGxRRk48yaJUDcWPHratNquQEAmTekDUA4NZlT2i-2F9j-2B5bBx-2FFfIrEylaHI3SRrw0zktaw-3D-3D_-…>
– Download, complete, and *submit form and check to your Team Coach* – Note – the sweatshirts on here are the same ones we are selling above.
Have a great night.

BSC Board

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