Morning BSC – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Three important items to bring to your attention as we start 2019:

– *APPAREL* – we still have sweatshirts and t-shirts to sell. We are close to breaking even, once we do the funds will be used to minimize fees for extra training. If individual teams want to step up and help sell inventory, that team can benefit directly!

– *FUNDRAISING* – Annual event at Lily Flanagan’s Pub, Saturday Feb 2. We need way more participation to make this worthwhile. Remember this is for your kids and all their teammates!! We will explore a way for those who can not attend to buy raffles ahead of time. Stay tuned for more details.

– *EXECUTIVE BOARD* – All 5 Board positions will be *EMPTY* at the end of this spring season!!! Now is the time for parents of the younger players to take over these positions. You can shadow us all Spring and hit the ground running next Fall. We feel the club is running very efficiently so all you need to do is follow the plan and it runs itself! This is the opportunity to play a role in the future of *YOUR* club.

Coaches will be following up soon with more information on our Fundraising event, winter gym space and indoor winter tournaments.

Hope everyone is well, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Feb 2!

BSC Board