[image: Babylon Soccer Club]
Morning *Travel Parents*:

Just a friendly reminder – unless you hear otherwise, we should all be following this:

*HOME* – White Jersey, Black *uniform* shorts, Orange socks
*AWAY *- Orange Jersey, Black *uniform* shorts, Orange socks

We keep the socks consistent so there is never a question on what to wear, and ALWAYS carry the extra uniform in the team backpack. The black socks should be used for training, along with the training jersey.

*We are seeing a bunch of players wearing non-uniform shorts *- please head over to sport shack to pick up a replacement so we are all in uniform for the final weekend of games!!
*Shirts should also be tucked in*. This impacts a team’s ability to win the Sportsmanship award in their division, FYI.

Also – team backpacks can be purchased at Sport Shack, and your coaches recently circulated the order forms for warm up gear, which is not required, but an extension of our team uniform (it’s also a way for the Club to raise a few bucks).

Good luck to all our teams this weekend, and dress warm!
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