Help Wanted

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

The Babylon Soccer Club is a fully volunteer organization. As such, we can always use a little help to keep the club going. If you are unable to dedicate the time to coaching, don’t worry! Your passion for the game and for helping our children become the best team players they can is important enough. Here are all the various opportunities to volunteer with the Babylon Soccer Club:

Field Coordinator

This person is responsible for lining the fields each weekend.  Must communicate with Field Scheduler, Kathleen Lutz to ensure all fields are lined for all home games. Assist with field maintenance when fields have puddles or mud. Coordinate volunteers to help as needed.

Contact Kathleen Lutz if you are interested in helping out.


Player Advocate Chairperson

A Player Advocate Chairperson will serve as an advocate for player concerns during regular BSC Board meetings. This person should have a general pulse of the player needs and concerns and help direct the BSC Boards decisions on matters of player management. Contact Kathleen Lutz if you are interested in helping out.

Intramural Coach

Coaching youth soccer, does not require a person to have a soccer background. The Club provides trainers from Maximum Potential Training for every team so that coaches can learn along the way. In addition, coach training sessions are run once per week during the season. To sign up to coach or to be an official assistant, start here at registration:

Unofficial Assistants

Many coaches need assistants to help out at practices and at the games. At the younger levels (non-travel), even if you are not the Assistant by title you can still lend assistance to the coach. Help chase down balls during practice. Help set up or break down the goals during the games. Ask your coach to see if they could use a hand.


Board Members

The business of the Babylon Soccer Club is conducted and managed by the Babylon Soccer Club Board. The current positions can be found on the About Us page. Board positions are up for re-election every 2 years. Nominations and elections are held typically in late Spring at one of the final Club meetings of the season.



Yearly, the BSC Board appoints administrative staff to help keep the club running including positions like Fundraising Chairperson, Intramurals Coordinator (U5/U6/U7/U8), LIJSL Coordinator, Registration Coordinator (Registrar), Uniforms Coordinator, Website Coordinator(s), Player Advocate Chairperson and Field Coordinator. These positions are typically filled in the Spring prior to the end of the previous season. Keep an eye out on this page to see if any of these slots have opened up.



Your ideas make things happen in the Club. Many of the activities that happen in the Club occur because a Club member had the idea that it needed to be done and the initiative to make it happen. Share your ideas at any time with the BSC Board here.