Meeting Minutes

12/6/22 Board Meeting Recap

5/25/22 Registrars Meeting Recap

  • Got Sport is the new onboarding platform for LIJSL. Our club will be using SportsEngine because of their superior customer service and user friendly app. After our players register on SportsEngine the registrar will upload registrations to GotSport. 
  • All players that were previously verified will still be verified (do not need to upload new birth certificates). But players may need to upload new photos – Vanessa to double check. 
  • Vanessa and Stefana will have weekly meetings with SportsEngine until new platform is implemented and ready for parent registrations.
  • Fall registration meeting with LIJSL on Friday July 15th at 10:00.  Club registration must be closed by July 10th.  Remember we can add players after that, but we cannot add a team late.  ALL TEAMS MUST BE CREATED BY JULY 10TH.
  • We are aiming to open registration by June 20th

5/09/22 Board Meeting Recap

  • Tryouts will be held the week before Memorial Day. U9 will be split evenly and U10 and above ability based. Stefana to set up registration for tryouts and advertise.
  • We will roll spring training fees into registration in fall but have a longer payment plan.
  • Went over fees for next year.  Stefana will put together a cost analysis sheet.
  • Sunday June 5th is the next intramural player development days.  Rudi will reach out to teams again.
  • Raffle off $500 Dick’s gift card – $20 per ticket. Goal of $3,000 funds raised.
  • Next club meeting – on or about June 30, 2022

12/9/21 Board Meeting Recap

    • Reviewed registration deadlines; season start dates; and LI Cup
    • Discussed possible goalie training options
      • Will send email to all players gauging interest in a one day clinic or training session over multiple Sunday mornings.  Will be an extra fee at least for this Sunday
      • Explained why goalie training during practice is not realistic however agreed we should have goalies during practice scrimmages
    • Agreed to incorporate more parent involvement in U5 game day.  VZ will send an email to coaches and ask them to assign weekly volunteers if they cannot make it.  
    • Reviewed player development days for U8 teams and agreed the club and coaches will make every effort to ensure our participation
      • Informed parents that we are working on scheduling scrimmages with west Babylon club
    • Discussed bringing in players from other towns who want to play
      • Instead of bringing new players to practices we will bring back try-outs this spring and they will be invited to try out
      • As a non-profit organization we do not discourage players from registering for our club who are eager, and/or skilled as long as there is room in the roster.  We will make every effort to include all children who have a love and desire to play soccer regardless of their location as long as they are willing to make the commitment to travel to regular practices.
      • Club will be as transparent as possible regarding these new players but if these players are able and willing to make the commitment their participation is not up to a vote from team parents
    • Will have two practices for most teams
      • Matt will provide detailed breakdown of payments/team prior to the start of the season
    • Discussed benefits of A/B teams and how they benefit all skill levels, not just the most skilled at the present time
      • All U9 teams will be evenly split and then U10 and older will be ability based. 
    • Board agreed to provide additional information to coaches/parents going from U8-U9
      • Discussed having a meeting
      • Board send a memo explaining the changes from intramural to travel
      • Will include details on U9 being split into two evenly played teams and then U10 changing to ability based teams

Coaches Meeting Notes 8/27/18

Safety In the trailer there is an area dedicated to safety and emergency items. Get familiar with it. Know how to use the lock on the trailer. Know what to do in an emergency. The area includes: AED device Ice Packs Medical Kit Try to keep the area clean. We will be...

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U6, U7/U8 Coaches Meeting Notes 8/31

Thank you to those who attended tonight's meeting and for volunteering to coach. Teams and practice schedules will be sent via email. Practice starts next week and 1st scheduled game is on opening day, Sunday Sept 10th. We will have the full game schedule...

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