Mike Flannery Memorial Scholarship

The Mike Flannery Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to High School Seniors who are either past or present members of Babylon Soccer Club. Mike Flannery was a very well respected Club coach who passed away in 2009. He devoted a great deal of time to our club and really personified the true meaning of a volunteer by making a positive impact within his community.

The recipients of the Mike Flannery Memorial Scholarship award exhibit exceptional academic grades, and share a love and passion of soccer, with a desire to continue to promote and give back to the game in a positive manner.

Congratulations 2018 Mike Flannery Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

This year we received seven truly worthy nominations, and determining the winners was not an easy task. After careful consideration the club has selected two students that we believe fulfill the criteria that are consistent with the values of the award.

On behalf of the entire Babylon Soccer Club, including the executive board and the many volunteers that help keep our club moving forward each week, we would like to award the Mike Flannery Memorial Scholarship award for 2018 to:

Dana Bushery and Samantha Giovinazzo

Past Scholarship Award Recipients:
  • 2017:¬†Olivia Lully and Brian Corcoran